The Second Pregnancy

It was early 2010 when I found out I was pregnant again. I didn't really feel pregnant this time, but i put it down to the bad experience of the first.

And this time I decided to wait until a little later to even go to the doctor. I went on a planed business trip and started bleeding. I called my OB (and explained I had not gone to him yet because of the previous time) and he told me it was hard to do or recommend anything without seeing me.

I called the travel insurance and went to see an OB where I was. He did an ultrasound and while I know that there was little to be done (the bleeding had quite increased by then), one always has hope that somehow everything is well. It turns out this pregnancy is what they call a blighted ovum or anembryonic pregnancy, when despite conception and the onset of pregnancy, the embryo does not develop. It means you have an empty sac. It thought that with the language barrier we had not really understood each other but this was confirmed by my OB when I got back home, earlier than originally planned.

This time I chose the DC just to get it all over and make sure everything had come out.

We went to see specialists after that. My OB said that once is bad luck, but twice is worth an investigation as there are so many medical advances all the time that could identify an issue and prevent further losses. So we set off. Luckily I worked for a big multinational at the time and they had a plan to help cover costs of infertility treatments. Super nice.

Well, we saw two different speciallists and started a crazy course of treatment. According to this doctor my body was somehow rejecting my (ex)husbands sperm and perceiving a pregnancy as an external body that needed to be eliminated. So the treatment was to extract blood from my husband one day, make a crazy vaccin the next and then inject into me so that I became “immune” and did not fight his blood. I kid you not. This was the treatment, which we did for 3 months I think (once a month). But our marriage ended before we could try if the treatment worked and we parted ways. The clinic is still there so I am sure the treatment works for at least some of the people…

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