Swedish blogger Mrs Linda in our double-layer nursing dress (plus 20% off!)

The Swedish blogger ‘Mrs Linda’, an intensive care nurse working for the emergency rescue service in Västerås, is now on maternity leave and wanted clothes that were comfortable while breastfeeding. She posted about our double layer nursing dress on her blog www.mrslinda.se after discovering Mama Basics while looking for clothes that function without compromising on style:

”Nu börjar jag bli galen på att ha på mig kläder som är knorriga att amma i och har därför mer aktivt börjat leta efter mer amningskläder. Jag vill ha funktion men utan att behöva tumma för mycket på stilen.”

MrsLinda.se in Mama Basics double layer maternity and nursing dress

”Denna klänningen från Mama Basics har snabbt blivit en favorit som jag kommer använda ofta =) Den är superskön samtidigt som den ser snygg ut.”

As Linda says, Mama Basics are really soft and wearable and make breastfeeding as easy as possible, in the most stylish of ways. That’s why we love seeing them being worn!

Check out Linda’s post here.

We would love to see you in your Mama Basics tops and dresses! No models need apply 😊 Send us any photos or tag us on FB/Instagram and have 20% off for you or a friend. You don’t need your face showing if you don’t want to – we know what it is like with a baby!

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