mama basics was founded by Anna Xavier. Originally from Brazil she moved to Sweden following her heart back in 2011.

When her first child was born a few years later, she didn't feel great about the way she looked following the pregnancy but still wanted to breastfeed her daughter so they could both enjoy its endless benefits. But she couldn't find clothes that made her feel and look good, and she was disheartened that to wear clothes that were practical for breastfeeding she had to look like she was still pregnant. So she created mama basics. She wants to empower women to feel and look great and help boast their confidence so they can breastfeed wherever, whenever.

Our designs are inspired by fashion trends yet are practical, comfortable and discreet.

We hope to help more breastfeeding moms to feel and look great. We do not compromise on style so moms can look their best while breastfeeding!