When you need/want to wear a dress – breastfeeding in style

If you wore a dress before you were pregnant, or even while you were pregnant, why stop now?

Often the answer to that is because you need a vest on to be able to feed easily and discreetly. Then there is the question of a flat tummy (who does have a flat tummy after giving birth??!).

Not any longer!

We have designed three fabulous dresses for easy feeding access while you look super. They are close-fitting but stretch around the middle, making them (and you) look up-to-date with fashion but, when you sit down to feed, they are still super-comfy. They even offer some support, tucking your tummy in a little to help you feel like you did before baby arrived.

Feeding access is, as all Mama Basics’ pieces, a double layer of soft cotton so you can start nursing without any fuss and keep the area around your shoulder and throat nice and warm and out of sight.

Check them out:

Knee high dress with skirt in eco leather and top in soft off-white cotton. This dress is a real winner!

You can wear it during the day, at night, for a party or any occasion, as it is easy to dress it up or down. The skirt also helps keep your tummy in check, in case you could do with a little help.

You will look fantastic and people will not believe that it is a nursing dress. It is even machine-washable at 30 degrees. 899 kr

Double layer nursing dress in soft cotton.

Allows you to easily breastfeed while being discreet and comfortable.  3/4 length sleeves.

Available in 2 different colours:

Black skirt with light grey top.

Navy blue skirt with cream top.

Machine-washable at 30 degrees. 699 kr                           .

Double layer long nursing dress in soft cotton.

Allows you to easily breastfeed while being discreet and comfortable. Sleeveless.

Beautiful dark navy blue.  95% cotton, 5% elastane.

Perfect for every day use, night and day, but also possible to dress it up for a special occasion. 

Machine-washable at 30 degrees. 899 kr


You can order Mama Basics from our website or come and try them on at the UnderBARA Barn show in Stockholm on 13-15 October 2017.


Mama Basics at UnderBARA Barn

 We will be at UnderBARA Barn on 13-15 October 2017!

To win free entry tickets follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook and comment on one of our pictures, including the words:

“I would like to win #smartnursingfashion from @MamaBasicsFashion so I can #breastfeed in style”

Tag your family and friends to enter for you too – you can enter as many times as you like. Winners will be announced on 1 October.

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