The Fitth Pregnancy

So, after 4 monthly cycles trying with the help of my acupuncturist Chinese Doctor, I feel pregnant. I was getting a bit anxious as she had said we'd try that for 6 months. 

Following her instructions I went to her as soon as I got my BFP (Big Fat Positive). She took my pulse, looked at my tongue, my eyes and said it was a boy (with hindsight I think she said it was a boy to all because in China it was more desirable to have a boy than a girl due to the single child policy and other cultural believes). Anyway, she also gave me a medicine in shape of a ceramic tile that I was suppose to make a sort of sirup/tea and drink for 10 nights. 

OMG! I was fine doing everything up until now but this sirup/tea thing was without a doubt the most disgusting thing I have ever ingested. And night after night. It was a good thing I did not have morning sickness because I would certainly have been sick (I almost was after just the smell of the thing). If it wasn't for my husband insisting on it (mind you NOT drinking himself), I would have given up. I don't know what it was for but I did follow the treatment.

And we waited the weeks. I booked my midwife appointment at a clinic that had ultrasond so we could have more regular checks. At 10w + 5 days we had our first appointment and a scan. The doctor was supper nice and said that everything was fine, baby was healthy, heartbeat going and it was as good as the 12 weeks milestone. He explained that the 12 weeks is usually the time the body needs should the baby not survive past 8-9 weeks (which is usually the latest a miscarriage happens) for the body to expel it. Seeing the baby on a scan on 10w+5 was a confirmation that the baby had passed this milestone. I think from that moment on we were confident that it was finally going to happen. 

At 15 weeks I had a work conference that I was helping organise at my old job and I had decided to make that my "official announcement". I wore a simple black tight dress that showed already my little bump (to those that might have noticed), but of course I had already told some close friends at work, including my boss and the team working on the conference with me . Some people noticed and soon everyone knew and was congratulating me. I still have lovely memories of that day. 

My pregnancy was quite easy. I did not have morning sickness or other discomforts that pregnant women often have like heartburn, not being able to sleep, aches and pains. I did put on like 17 kilos, but I didn't care. I was so happy. 

My rainbow baby was coming and I couldn't wait!

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