The Lowest Point and Finding Hope Again

I am not one of those people that have always dreamed of being a mom or having a family. But I had lived a good life, was together with the love of my life and wanted to have a family with him. I wanted children. And having kids is one of those things that you cannot plan. Because you can't control. Sometimes you want it, and they don't come, or come much later. Sometimes you don't want them but they come unexpectedly. I felt overwhelmed with how unjust the world is where so many wonderful people want kids and can't get them while so many people (some also wonderful, some awful and everyone in between) have them and either abort them, abandon them or mistreat them. How can the world be so unfair?

We started looking at adoption. Not easy or cheap in Sweden. You see, abortion is permitted in Sweden, which means that almost no unwanted babies are born. Which leads to no adoptions. There are babies put in foster care due to parents being unfit, but this is usually a temporary solution until the parent(s) can get their lives back together. So you need to apply to be approved as an adoptive parent in Sweden and then follow the rules of the various countries that Sweden has collaborations with, but which are not many. And each country has their own criteria. For example, the couple needs to be married for x years. No partner can be divorced. Some countries even define your maximum BMI (Body Mass Index) and how old you can be. Not to mention the cost! It was daunting but we decided to start looking at that option as a natural baby was not looking likely.

To be honest, I did not even wanted to try again, I was so scared.

But I was also desperate, so I looked up everything that there was about pregnancy loss and how people were successful having a baby in the end (thanks Google!). Eventually, I came across acupuncture and Dr Nie in Stockholm. I don't even know where otherwise I would reference it here. But then we mentioned to one of the many traditional doctors we saw and he said he had worked with her and that they had done a study about pregnancy morning sickness and acupuncture that had very good results. But the respect of a traditional doctor gave me confident. Why not try? We were lucky to live close and we had nothing to loose. For those in Stockholm, here is the link to her FB page (she does not have a website): Admittedly, Dr Nie is NOT for everyone, but I am and will be forever grateful to her. 

If you are having problems conceiving or keeping a pregnancy I do recommend a reliable acupuncturist/Chinese doctor. These days it is not so difficult to google a recommendation in your area. But I must also warn that it may not be for everyone. The treatment was very unorthodox, I would say (even if each doctor will have a different course of treatment, I suppose).

I needed to go there on the first day of my menstrual period and then for 6 more days consecutively for acupuncture sessions. Then, during the treatment week, I needed to burn a piece of a herb roll that she gave me on top of a slice of ginger on my belly, in the evenings.

Not eat chicken.

Eat a pigeon once a week.

One month I got a recipe of lamb with parsnip to eat every week. 

But I followed her instructions. I think if you do decide to do an alternative treatment it is important that you follow the practitioner's instructions to get the promised results.

And I did and I got my rainbow baby. 

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