It’s Christmas! I realise that I have spent 5 Christmas pregnant. And I don’t want to sound like a drunk but this one I really did miss having a glass of wine…. I know that in some cultures, in some parts of the world, it is ok to have one and sometimes even more alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. But in Sweden it is a no, no and even if I do know that my own mother did drink whiskey during my pregnancy (well, that might explain a few things, but we will never know for sure…), I do not want to risk anything.

We spend the 24th December at my mother in law (MIL) in a lovely little town in Sweden called Sigtuna (if you ever do make it to Sweden, make sure you make a stop there, it is only 45min from Stockholm and really worth the trip, it is so quaint!). We spent the night there and everything was nice. Even though it was early days J told his mom and she was happy. I had not told my mother or indeed anyone in my family. I am not close to my mother, I feel closer to my aunt, but I didn't want to tell my aunt before telling my mother and my mothers comment when we had (a long time ago) mentioned we wanted a third child was “I’ll kill myself if you have another child!”. Nice, right? Why do some people open their mouths to say something that is not nice? Anyway, for obvious reasons I was not looking forward to telling her at all.

Anyway, on 27th December, I go for the regular midwife appointment and I was really hoping they could hear the heartbeat or do a blood test or whatever to make sure the baby was doing fine. Just to put my mind at ease and let me enjoy our upcoming skiing holiday. But she could do nothing. They don't have U/S machines and they only hear the heartbeat with the Doopler from 20 weeks… So, off we go on our holiday without knowing.

The skiing holiday was super nice family time. We went with J’s bother and his girlfriend and their kids (3, aged 11 years, 8 years and 10 months).  We told them as well not the least because I was already showing. That is actually one of my sore points. I took 3,5 years to finally loose the “baby belly” only to start growing a new baby and a new belly… Not really fair but I am not really complaining either. 

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