Back home and I had the Nuchal Translucency scan booked for 17th January. And while initially I was planning to wait for that. I couldn’t. It was still 10 days away and 10 days when you are this anxious is a verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy looooooooooonnnnnnnnngg time…

So, another U/S. For those of you in Sweden who are wondering how did I managed to get so many U/S: I had a free card. I had had an emergency room incident earlier in the year and therefore had a free card and could go to the doctor as many times as I wished at no cost. That said, I would have paid the visits, if necessary, I was in such a state of stress…

 J is with me again. We go in, explain to the midwife the reason for the visit. It is a guy and he is not very friendly. He says we can do the ultrasound on the belly (no need to be vaginally) and I sit on the chair. He checks and says everything looks fine. I start crying (and my body shaking again) because now it is really a confirmation that the odds are behind us and this is a viable pregnancy. But he (without looking up from the screen) just says: “Stop doing whatever you are doing because I can’t see properly otherwise”. Not nice at all and it made me want to cry even more… And then we were done and left quickly, but it was for sure the worst doctor/midwife I have ever encountered in Sweden. In the world actually!  But never mind, we had a healthy, growing baby in my belly and we were going to have another baby! It felt surreal, a bit like a dream.

Since a scan this week and the 12 week mark are virtually the same thing, we started telling a few people. J had already told one or two friends and then I felt we should tell the kids, specially since they had both noticed my big belly and commented that I had a baby in it (to make matters worse, I had a lot of gas in the beginning, and so my belly did look way larger than expected for the week I was in.

Amanda was super thrilled and Lukas does not really know what was it all about. She immediately started making a list of baby names (one list for boys and one for girls), then she wanted to practise changing diapers to which I replied that it was a bit early, there would be plenty of time for that later.

We asked them to keep it a secret for another week but of course she could not.


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