Another hypnobirthing labour

A came at 38 weeks.

L did not want to be a copy cat so he came at 38 weeks and one day. And the labour was pretty similar. I had not had any Braxton-Hicks contractions either (well, not that I had noticed anyway). I did not notice the mucus go at all. Well, I already had one very busy baby around and not much time left for anything, so I did not notice. 

I was in bed, getting ready to sleep when I heard like a balloon pop. I was like "what's that?" and then the water came. It was my placenta bursting and my water breaking, but as he was well engaged in my pelvis, it was not a gush of water like I had had in my previous labour. It was just a little bit of water. 

Nonetheless, I went for a shower. I was not feeling any contractions but given how quick my first labour had been my husband was already calling my MIL (mother in law) to come and stay with A, so we could go to the hospital. Her phone was off so he called his brother, who lives not so far away. He also called the hospital (the same one we had our daughter) to let them know we were coming.  

Meanwhile the contractions started and as before, they were quite intense and quite close to one another already from the start. It was just enough time to finish packing a few things, my brother in law come in and we leave (if we had had to wait for my MIL to come baby would have been born at home). 

We came to the hospital, I asked for a bath and the gas and then we realised it was the same midwife we had when A was born. Malin (what are the odds of that happening???). The hospital has closed not but I am sure she will always remember us too. 

Like before,I was listening to my Hypnobirthing track but the contractions were getting very intense and very close together. I started pushing and I'd guess that the last 5-10 minutes were one non-stop contraction that left me beyond exhausted. So exhausted that Malin asked if I didn't want to turn around to see my baby. It wasn't so much that I did not want to, I had NO energy to turn around.  I needed one minute to regain energy before I could turn around.

From coming to the hospital to L being born there were around 17 minutes. From when the water broke, it was about 1h 15 min. SUPER quick. And SUPER intense. My husband didn't even have the time to get a coffee!

Ańd just like that we were a family of 4!

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